LIVE Maths During UK Covid-19 School Closures

In the event of UK school closures, I’m planning to run daily live maths lessons via YouTube aimed at all KS2 children and provide guidance for maths games to play with younger children. In this blog I’ve explained what I’ve planned so far but I’m after your help and ideas! All the content will be free.

Live Lessons
If schools do close, I want to keep alive the sense of community that comes from engaging in learning maths together – of having a shared experience. I also wanted to help families keep a sense of routine by sharing lessons at the same time every day. Whilst I plan to record lessons and upload them onto my YouTube channel (which I created this afternoon), I hope as many people as possible watch the lessons live to enjoy that shared experience. I also want to really engage children in rich, thought-provoking challenges and be an uplifting presence!

Soon, I’m going to create a short YouTube video to introduce myself to children/parents and explain all about the videos. At a guess, each live lesson will be 20 minutes long. They will build understanding of the mathematics in small steps, they will be interactive and they will all introduce a rich task for the children to complete independently. Further guidance (and answers) will be shared on my website for children to self-assess their work. Provisionally, the lesson aimed at Y3-4 may air at 9:15am and the Y5-6 lesson at 10:00am. This is all subject to change and to your suggestions!

I thought teachers might suggest ways for children to collaborate with each other during the tasks. It would be great to get some live comments/examples of work coming through from teachers during the lessons too, to poke fun at some of us teachers! Also, if you know any famous people we could rope in…

If I stay healthy and people keep watching, my pledge is to keep this going every school day (not including the Easter hols) for the duration of UK school closures.

Tell me how to improve my plan. What I can do to help share this content with children/parents? To engage children? And PLEASE, share with me your favourite maths tasks for me to use in the lessons!

I’m also going to make a short series of videos showing a range of games that parents can play at home with younger children, including personal favourites like my Connect 4 games. Again, please send through ideas of games and activities that I could include in these videos.

When I have finalised tech side of streaming/recording the lessons, and listened to your ideas, I will either update this blog or launch a page on my website that will host everything. I look forward to hearing as many ideas as possible from you all. And please tell people in your school and share with your friends. I hope, in some small ways, it helps at this time.

My very best wishes to you all. Keep well,