Calculation Flipbooks

I’m really excited to release my first range of Calculation Flipbooks – an initiative designed to support children in KS2 becoming fluent in written multiplication and division calculation.

Each flipbook shows a written calculation modelled step-by-step, with visuals or links to other methods shown to support an understanding of the calculation process.

This short video shows the calculation flipbooks being used:

Calculation Flipbooks from I See Maths on Vimeo.

These flipbooks can be downloaded and used by children so they have a ‘live model’ which they can view on a tablet device, for example to view methods or to check their own calculations. They can also be shared with parents to show standard methods of calculation in KS2.

The 16 flipbooks are free to download from this page:

And why no addition and subtraction examples? Simple! The place value feature on iPad app I See Addition and Subtraction models vertical methods for addition and subtraction step-by-step. It’s available on the App Store here:

If you use the calculation flipbooks in your classroom I would love to hear from you: specifically, is there anything about their design (big or small) that can be improved? I’d be delighted to get your thoughts and ideas. Send me an email at

I hope they help your children to become fluent in carrying out written calculations!