I’m busy writing I See Problem-Solving – Y2, a resource that I’m super-excited about. It will provide sequences of related questions, tasks and open-ended challenges so children can understand and then explore different problem-solving tasks. I will explain the philosophy behind the resource in a series of future blog posts.

For now, have a look at this sequence of tasks, how it builds children’s understanding of additive reasoning and lays the foundation for algebraic thinking.

Part A: Children are introduced to the idea that a shape represents a number.

Part B and C: Children find the value of each shape. They look for lines made using the same shape. Otherwise, they workout how the sum of a line increases when one more shape is added. Notice the top right example: an extra star is added but the sum for the row does not change. This shows that the star is worth zero!

Part D and E: They apply these principles to find the value of the shapes in these grids, where the sum of each column and row is given.

Part F: Then children can make their own examples.

This blog explains how these ideas can be extended using the I See Reasoning resources in KS2. If you want to trial I See Problem-Solving – Y2 as it is being written, click here to join the I See Maths mailing list

For more information about Gareth Metcalfe’s INSET and twilight maths training click here or for CPD sessions about using the I See Reasoning eBooks. My passion and expertise is in developing children’s ability to reason mathematically and building children as mathematical problem-solvers.

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