It’s session 2 of the free Heartbeat of Education series this Thursday (11th March, 6pm-7pm) and it’s going to be a really significant one: how, as Primary teachers, can we ensure that children continue to thrive as mathematicians? And how should our maths lessons be different in this new season?

I believe that this is a time of great opportunity. It gives us the chance to reflect on children’s experience of mathematics and think about the skills and attributes that we truly value and want to build within our mathematicians. What can we do, as teachers, to lay the groundwork for children to have long-term success in mathematics? And how is this more than just helping children to ‘catch up’ on end-of-year targets? We will discuss what should be prioritised and how our teaching might be different in the upcoming weeks and months.

Register here to join the discussion live and to receive the recording of the session. I will be joined by award-winning Infant teacher Toby Tyler, leading teacher and teacher trainer Alison Hogben and the outstanding maths specialist Vicki Giffard. I want our discussion to explore YOUR questions. Here are some of the things that people have asked so far:
How do schools go about getting the balance right between focusing on the ‘Ready to Progress’ criteria as well as fully covering the National Curriculum?
How much weight should be given for retrieval practice if there are clear gaps in learning?
How should I differentiate now there are such gaps between children’s knowledge/experience in maths?

I’d love you to join in and please spread the word. Also, add your questions to the debate. Either post them on social media or email me at I’m looking forward to a lively, thought-provoking and important debate!

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