I’m delighted to announce the launch of the Heartbeat of Education Webinar Series. In these free webinar sessions, held fortnightly on Thursdays at 6-7pm via Zoom, I will host discussions between a panel of experts on some of the most pressing issues in Primary education.

There’s a specific agenda for each session and the four panellists will hold discussions that that will be relevant for teachers, school leaders and parents alike.

I can’t wait to introduce you to the panellists: they are people I have been challenged and inspired by in my 15 years in Primary education. Whilst we are being joined by top authors and esteemed professors, panellists also include some of the UNSUNG HERO teachers, headteachers and home-school mothers that I have learnt so much from. They are wonderful people, the kind of people who you want by your side in the middle of a challenge! And they all bring very different skills and experiences.

More than anything, we want to interact with YOU. We want to understand your challenges, respond to your needs and engage in a personal, practical way. We want our exchanges to be honest and meaningful. You are very welcome to join the sessions and observe in the background. But you are invited to become an active partner as we work through these issues. That’s why I’m so excited about this format!

Click on the links below to register for the free sessions:
Heartbeat of Education: Leading Emotionally Healthy Schools and Homes in a Pandemic, Thursday 25th February, 6pm-7pm
In this webinar, a panel of leading thinkers, school leaders and parents talk about how we can best support the emotional wellbeing of the children and staff in our care. We will have a 360 degree look at the different challenges that children have faced during the pandemic and how, as educators, we can respond in 2021. With author, educational researcher and leader Emma Turner, headteacher of two schools Mandy Jones and inspirational home-school mother of six children Katy Nyman.

Heartbeat of Education: How Expert Teachers Will Rebuild Mathematical Understanding, Thursday 11th March, 6pm-7pm
In this webinar we will consider how primary teachers can best rebuild children’s mathematical understanding when schools reopen to lay the foundations for long-term success. We will discuss how lesson design, planning and teaching pedagogy may be different post-lockdown as well as a range of other issues including subject leadership, accountability systems and differentiation. I’m delighted to be joined by Y6 teacher and STEM professional development leader Alison Hogben, expert maths consultant Vicki Giffard and Infant School leader and award-winning teacher Toby Tyler.

Heartbeat of Education: Building Children as Mathematical Problem-Solvers, Thursday 25th March, 6pm-7pm
In this webinar we will explore how we can enable all children to flourish as mathematical problem-solvers. We will consider the challenges children face in learning to problem-solve and how, as teachers, we can help to deconstruct and build these crucial skills. The panellists will share their various experiences in building mathematical problem-solving skills and developing problem-solving in other contexts. We will try to offer some light on how schools can support all children to become skilful, resilient, logical thinkers! With London SW maths hub lead and teacher Kate Mole, former school advisor and Deputy Headteacher teaching in Y1/2 James Jones and teacher of 38 years, teaching Headteacher of 23 years, former maths consultant and current Camden maths leader Kate Frood OBE.

Heartbeat of Education: Adapting School Life Post-Lockdown, Thursday 22nd April, 6pm-7pm
In this webinar we discuss how school life can best meet the needs of children post-lockdown. We will consider the different challenges, both academically and personally, that children have experienced and how we can respond to meet the needs of every individual. We are joined by Professor in Child Mental Health Jess Deighton, the phenomenal Salford-based Headteacher Jane Garner and Dr Lynne Bianchi who is the Director of the Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub (SEERIH) at The University of Manchester who specialises in primary science and engineering education.

Please sign up, join in and please spread the word by telling your friends and sharing this post on any relevant pages. Thanks, Gareth

If you are unable to attend live, a recording of each session will be shared with people registered for the session only. This recording will be available for 4 days after the event. Details of how to access the recording will be shared via a Zoom email the day after the event.

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