I’m delighted to have released the eBooks I See Reasoning Y3 and I See Reasoning Y4. They are breakthrough resources for building conceptual understanding; for helping children to notice patterns and relationships; and for deepening challenges. They are comprehensive and user-friendly.

Free Sample: I See Reasoning Y3 Division and Multiplication and Division

Free Sample: I See Reasoning Y4 Division and Multiplication and Division

These eBooks are a big upgrade on I See Reasoning – LKS2. First of all, between them there are 872 questions in the two eBooks, compared to the 240 tasks in the original eBook, I See Reasoning – LKS2. In each section of the new eBooks, mathematical concepts are shown using different images and representations:

Common misconceptions are highlighted and addressed:

Then there are a range of questions for highlighting patterns, generating discussion and digging deeper. Can children see the relationships between the Small Difference Questions? And find all answers to How Many Ways tasks?

Each eBook costs £24.98 and only one copy is needed per school. I believe that this represents amazing value – hopefully it means that my resources can impact many children. In-depth online or in-person CPD on embedding reasoning within sequences of lessons can also be arranged. To receive updates on all future events and to receive free resources, join the I See Maths mailing list community. Also, here are the links for I See Reasoning Y5 and I See Reasoning Y6.

I hope the eBooks will inspire many children to enjoy deep, rich mathematical experiences and that they will give you many great classroom moments!

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