I’m delighted to have  released the eBooks I See Reasoning – Y5 and I See Reasoning – Y6. They are an exciting development from anything I’ve done before and will enrich all children’s mathematical thinking. Here’s what makes them unique:

Detailed breakdown of small steps
For children to understand the individual parts of mathematical processes, I’ve introduced lots of new questions for breaking down learning into small pieces, focusing children’s thinking on specific points. For example, Next Step questions get children to analyse specific parts within calculations and Part-Complete Examples support children as they first learn to use methods. As ever, a range of misconceptions are addressed with Explain the Mistakes examples.

Opening up patterns and developing flexible thinking
There are lots of sequences of Small Difference Questions which highlight key mathematical relationships and give children surprises. For example, when children realise that different questions give the same answer, we can explore why. There are so many other patterns to uncover! There’s also a massive range of tasks that promote flexible thinking and using different strategies:

Explores big mathematical ideas (including word questions!) and allows children to create
Each topic is explored from a wide range of different angles. We look at different contexts for rounding; algebraic ideas are explored through shape puzzles; concepts are interleaved as children calculate angles between the hands of a clock at different times. There are ‘numberless’ word questions, where children explore different question structures without numbers, tasks where children are invited to create their own questions or extend sequences and How Many Ways? tasks to open up investigations!

I See Reasoning – Y5 has 362 tasks and I See Reasoning – Y6 has 396 tasks, compared to the 176 tasks of the predecessor, I See Reasoning – UKS2. The tasks cover every area of the curriculum and they incorporate the ideas from the latest DfE Mathematical Guidance. And answers are given for every question!

The eBooks cost £24.98 each and only one copy of each eBook is needed per school. I believe this represents amazing value!

Click here to order I See Reasoning – Y5 and click here to order I See Reasoning – Y6.

I hope I See Reasoning makes a huge impact on your teaching and helps all children to think mathematically. Please spread the word!

My very best wishes to everyone for the new term,

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