From next week, I will run my first online training sessions for teachers  – it will be great connecting with educators again! Initially there are four different training events, each with 10am and 7:30pm sessions, so everyone can join in. I’m really excited to explore the opportunities that online CPD can provide.

Sessions will be 90 minutes long, with perhaps 60-70 minutes of content and 20-30 minutes of Q&A and discussion to unpick the themes of the training. This will give us time to explore key ideas in depth whilst leaving participants with a manageable number of take-aways. Future sessions will then develop these themes further. I hope that teams of people join in so they can work alongside their colleagues to implement the ideas.

I’ve already run five parent sessions on Zoom: I’m slowly learning to navigate the technology! So far, everything that can be shown at a training event can also be shown online. And with the ongoing chat and Q&A features, people have been able to interact well and ask questions as we go.

I’m particularly looking forward to the ongoing dialogue that will be created with myself and between participants both during and after. With people joining in from diverse settings, including teachers from overseas, we will learn a lot from each other! As the online training develops, I intend to run a wider variety of sessions and to build future training around the areas that people want to explore further. Sessions can be targeted to specific year groups, topics or aspects of teaching. Online training brings cost and time efficiencies. A recording can be viewed by participants afterwards too.

This form of training is new to me. I’d love to get your ideas on how I can expand or improve my online CPD offering (email This could be about the logistics of accessing sessions, thoughts on the content of training or anything else. At what time would you like sessions to run? What would your dream course title be? And how can we ensure that the impact continues long after the sessions? I would absolutely welcome your feedback. I will plan my training sessions for May soon.

I also regularly send out resources for teachers to trial to people on my mailing list so that I can get teachers’ feedback on my products as they are being written. At the moment I’m writing three new resources. I’m planning to run some free sessions in May where I’ll show some of these resources and ask for people to say what they like and what they would add/change. I’d love to get as many people joining in with these sessions as possible. The more viewpoints I can get the better!

I can’t wait to get started. Hopefully you’ll join me!

Click here to book and for full details about April online training.

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