It’s been a wonderful start to the home learning project, the vision for which is described in this short video. During the school closures, I want children to experience rich, emotionally engaging maths learning. I also wanted them to feel as if they are part of a vibrant, real community of children.

Each day, I post a video lesson for Y3/4 children (all Y3/4 lessons here), and a separate video lesson for Y5/6 children (all Y5/6 lessons here). Each video explores a big mathematical idea in small steps and a range of independent tasks are set for children to complete. Everything is free. In the first six weeks, the videos have had 335k views!

Here’s the outline plan for the rest of the school year. I will continue making the videos for the duration of the UK school closures (however long that lasts):
18th – 22nd May: Measures: Money and Time
1st June – 5th June: Data Handing
8th June – 19th June: Fractions
22nd June – 3rd July: Flexible Calculation
6th July – 17th July: Mathematical Puzzles

It’s been thrilling to hear how much the children have loved the lessons and how it’s helped time-pressured parents too:

I want as many teachers and parents to find out about this project as possible. Tell friends, share with colleagues! Lessons can be uploaded onto school websites; many schools retweet my evening tweets each day from their Twitter feeds. Also, if you like the videos it really helps if you give them a thumbs up on YouTube! Here’s the first Y3/4 lesson and here’s the first Y5/6 lesson – they will give a taste of what the lessons are like!

I have also compiled maths games to play with KS1 and KS2 children and I have been running a series of online training sessions for teachers.

I hope you are all keeping well,

2 thoughts on “Home Learning Lessons: plans for the summer

  1. I can’t thank you enough for these lessons, Gareth. We have the whole of KS2 following them each day with the children at home joining in as well. We love that you focus on mathematical patterns, structures and relationships and we have emphasised to the children that this is what mathematicians do. Not only have the children deepened their understanding but I feel, as a mastery specialist, that the approach you take in the videos has been great CPD for non-specialists. I wonder will the videos still be available after lock down? As a resource to draw upon in the future, they are ‘real gold!’

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and for supporting the lessons. It’s been a thrill! I’m planning on leaving the lessons online until at least the end of October too.

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