I’m delighted to have released I See Problem-Solving – LKS2. It’s a resource that I’ve lived and breathed in the classroom over the last 10 months! The aim is to help all children to access rich problem-solving tasks, whilst ensuring that all children are challenged and engaged. It is the practical outworking of the research on solving problems from this EEF report (see point 3). 

I See Problem-Solving – LKS2 is comprised of 54 tasks. Each task gives various challenges: the Build prompt introduces the key themes and concepts, before the main Task is presented. Then, there is a Support prompt to help children access the task. The Explain and Extend challenges give rich opportunities for extended exploration.  Here’s an example task, starting from the Build prompt:

This introduces some of the key language that the children will need to understand before they access the main task. Here is the Task:

Children might choose 1, 2 and 3; they could work with 21, 22 and 23. Either way, we can all explore this idea and visual representations can be used to help. If children are need help, they can look at the Support prompt:

The Worked Example shows the solution to the main task step-by-step. The Worked Example can be viewed as a PowerPoint or as a PDF:

To deepen the challenge, the Explain and Extend prompts provide related challenges:

Not all the tasks follow this exact format. Sometimes there are Practise questions:

And there are always questions that extend the challenge:

Information about the resource, plus a link to the Etsy page to buy the resource, is found on the I See Problem-Solving – LKS2 page. There are 5 free example tasks to use too. It costs £24.98 and is available as a digital download of the PDF file. I hope you find this resource super-helpful for engaging children in meaningful problem-solving. It’s certainly given me many great classroom moments already!


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