I’m passionate about creating maths tasks that get children thinking in new ways and generate curiosity. I’ve spent many enjoyable hours dreaming up such tasks: open-ended prompts that promote discussion; images that build understanding; questions that get children exploring big mathematical ideas in depth.

This summer I’m releasing all of my favourite tasks in a series of eBooks called ‘I See Reasoning’ – there will be UKS2, LKS2 and KS1 versions. I believe these tasks will become a ‘go to’ resource for primary teachers as they plan lessons, giving a range of thought-provoking questions and prompts for each maths topic. This isn’t another bank of SATS-style questions – tasks are more visual, more extended and much more open-ended.

First released will be ‘I See Reasoning – UKS2’. For each topic expect:

Prompts that facilitate open discussion

Explain the mistakes (above left), less information (above right), rank by difficulty and ‘broken calculator’ are common structures.

‘Minimally different’ questions
Varying the structure of questions very slowly. All of a child’s working memory is focused on the mathematical concept being developed – a structure I suggest using early in a sequence of learning.

Tasks providing variation and deep exploration
A wide array of varied question structures and ideas. Think visual, open and extended, often making use of structures like ‘how many ways’ or ‘always, sometimes, never’ and a range of games using digit cards 0-9.

A place value activity using digit cards 0-9

Sorting quadrilaterals branching database task 

I’m aiming to release the eBooks every 4 weeks. They will be view-able from different devices, making them user-friendly. I hope they help save teachers’ time in preparing lessons, supplementing your current resources.

Alongside First Class Maths and Maths Outside the Box, I believe that the ‘I See Reasoning’ eBooks will help children to engage in mathematics intellectually and emotionally.

More updates to follow!


29 thoughts on “I See Reasoning – In Production!

  1. Will it be possible to cut and paste activities from the ebook to iwb software (e.g. Lynx for Clevertouch)? We use Whiterose Maths Hub plans and, as these are pdfs, I spend too much time retyping questions from plans and trying to recreate diagrams!

    1. Interesting question that one, haven’t started grappling with those kinds of technical questions yet, will work on that. Getting these details right can save teachers so much time. Thanks.

      1. On a pc you might be able to use snipping tool. It’s a great tool for taking images off the internet, spreadsheets and pdfs etc

  2. I’m very interested in this – I’m a speech and language therapist working in secondary schools and so many of the student ‘failing’ at maths are doing so because of the vocabulary used and the complexity of the questions. This means when they are ‘tested’ they are unable to get past the language to demonstrate their mathematical skills. I think the key is teaching (and then evaluating) in a different way so I really appreciate your approach. Looking forward to future blogs!

  3. Really looking forward to them. Will be using them daily with Y5/6 next year. The previous comment about making possible to use easily on iwb is spot on. That would change them from awesome to – well I can’t say how great they’d be!

  4. Hope to see them ready for September – my maths group really need more open ended tasks. It’s been an interesting journey with my current cohort convincing them that maths isn’t just fluency and mastering a calculation technique.

    1. I’ve done about 90% of the content, just struggled for time in the last few weeks to get it finished. I think 2 weeks, but that depends on how hard it is to convert into an eBook. Thanks for the request, will post when I know any more!

    1. Yes, there are answers in the back for the questions that I felt required answers (you couldn’t work out with a calculator and excluding questions like ‘rank by difficulty’. Thanks

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