There’s so much to applaud about the way primary maths education is changing. Equipment and images are being used to build understanding; open questions allow children to explore ‘big ideas’ in depth; fixed mindset views are being challenged and changed.

I want to see one more piece added to this jigsaw: children becoming more emotionally engaged in mathematics, the kind of mathematics that I love. Rich, diverse and intriguing tasks that fire the imagination, the kind that you don’t want to put down. That was the vision behind Maths Outside The Box.

The 15 Maths Outside The Box tasks will broaden children’s experience of maths and give them interesting, extended contexts in which to apply their skills. I trialled the resource with a group of high attaining Y4 children (we had so much fun); I also used the tasks with all but my most able Y6s. Challenge comes more from the application of logic than the difficulty of calculations, so tasks aren’t specifically designed for children in a particular year group.

There are four Number Challenge tasks: for example, in The Raffle Puzzle the challenge is to work out the five winning raffle ticket numbers by piecing together the information from the six clues:

One of the three Data Cruncher tasks is Can We Have a Dog? where a range of information and graphs are used to estimate the cost of owning different breeds of dog over the course of their lifetimes:

The Mountain Pass is one of four mind-bending Logic Puzzle tasks: can you piece together the information to work out how the four walkers can all cross Gravely Gorge before sunset?

I love the Investigation tasks. The Human Ruler allows children to explore the relationship between different body parts and I will always remember trialling Marathon Pace: the children tried to replicate the exact running speed of Uncle Grant and Aunty Kirsty on the school field!

I’m extremely proud that my resources are published by Alan Peat ltd. I first attended one of Alan’s training sessions in 2006 and was absolutely blown away by the quality of his ideas. Alan and Julie also happen to be 24 carat gold as people too. They have given me unconditional support, are fiercely principled and are great company. Amy Doorbar also deserves great praise for her amazing graphic design on the resource.

I hope Maths Outside The Box inspires many: on sale here!


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