I was given a book called ‘Venn That Tune’ by my sister-in-law a few Christmases ago. The idea is that you identify the song title by looking at the graph:
vttAfter all, who doesn’t love a good Venn diagram?  Well, yesterday I was emailed these three Venn That Tune’s for Christmas songs:

venn-christmas-1 venn-christmas-2 venn-christmas-3

Answers at the bottom!

Then the main man Alan Peat saw the graphs and had a great idea:


So there we have it: the best set of three Christmas song graphs (by teachers, children and any others) emailed to gareth.metcalfe@hotmail.co.uk or tweeted to @gareth_metcalfe wins a free app. We will share as many entries as possible. Should be fun – join in!

Happy Xmas, War Is Over; I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day; Do They Know it’s Christmas Time At All?


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