I’m delighted to announce that The Celebrating Maths Project has been launched! This blog explains a few ways in which teachers can share the project with parents.

Put the page on the school website
1. Copy the following address: http://www.iseemaths.com/celebrating-maths-project/

2. Go into the menu on your school website. Select ‘Custom Links’ and paste the above address. Add the title that you want to display on your site. Click ‘Add to Menu’.
Web page

3. Position the link where you want it to appear on your website.

Send out the letter to parents
I’ve written a letter explaining the aims of the project. It’s posted on the page with all the tasks. It can be printed and sent to parents.
Letter pic

RT tweets from @gareth_metcalfe from school accounts
I have sent out a range of tweets about the project designed to by retweeted from school accounts.

I hope the project helps you to engage parents in the maths learning process!


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