This is a blog from the summer 2016 when I first launched The Celebrating Maths Project. This is an AMAZING, FREE resource for showing parents how to enjoy doing maths with their children. I’m hoping to release a new set of videos each year – I’ve just been too busy in 2017!

Click here for The Celebrating Maths Project

How to share the Celebrating Maths Project

Premise 1: Given the right task, parents and children can enjoy doing maths together. This communicates to children that you can get a buzz from doing maths – and its valued.

Premise 2: There are many parents who would like to help their children to enjoy and excel in maths; they just want ideas for how.

The Celebrating Maths Project is a series of 3 short videos written to give parents a range of mathematical games and puzzles to play with their children. The first video, for parents of children aged 4-5, gives suggestions for how to draw out maths in everyday situations. The second video, for ages 6-7, shows some basic strategy games that can be played using dice and dominoes. The third video, for ages 8-10, shares ideas for strategy games and puzzles – some of which have been played for hundreds of years!

I trialled the project at my school last Nimyear. I’ll never forget one of the outcomes: a girl aged 6 coming to me with her solutions for how to win at the strategy game Nim. She had practised over the summer with her Dad, and was able to beat me hands-down! They had obviously thought very deeply about the task and enjoyed the challenge.

The videos will be released soon. I’m hoping that schools with post the videos on their website, direct parents to the links on or RT tweets from @gareth_metcalfe to share the idea.

It’s not ‘summer homework’ – rather a great way to spend half an hour of a holiday. And it’s free. Please spread the word!


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