Each half-term I’ve been blogging questions and images used to deepen learning in maths (hope they’ve been useful). Next year I’m going to write a resource for each year group made up of lots of these types of questions. I hope they’ll be the ultimate ‘go to’ tool for building deep mathematical thinking into daily lessons, enabling teachers to stretch children’s thinking in all areas of the curriculum.

This half-term I’ve been mainly based in my class, so the questions here are primarily from year 6.  To begin with, finding the fraction of the shape that is blue where the shape is divided into differently sized pieces:
fraction shape

Then a question structure, used in two ways, that allows children to explore the size of fractions:
fractions qs

With negative numbers, we used spatial reasoning to estimate the size of the covered numbers:
-ve 1

Here is a simple negative number question structure:
-18 difference 1

And a visual representation to provide a scaffold where necessary:
-18 difference 2

Looking at rounding numbers, here’s a simple statement that children can explore and exemplify:
Rounding 7

And another that leads to exploring patterns in rounding (adjust the number under the orange box):
Rounding 4

To deepen, a question drawing together an understanding of rounding and finding the area of a right-angled triangle:
Rounding 9

Finally, a question used in year 4 where spatial reasoning is used to identify a coordinate point:

This link gives information about the INSET training and school support that I can offer.


3 thoughts on “Questions and Images for Deepening, part 4

  1. These are fantastic. Can i ask, have you anything on factors for year 4 I can looking into buying or using?

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