This is my third year of leading maths conferences and INSET training with Alan Peat Ltd. In that time I’ve visited a range of fantastic schools and had the privilege of meeting many skilful and dedicated teachers. In this blog, I will outline the maths training that I can offer to schools or a cluster of schools.

Training Events
I like to ground training in two important foundations. Firstly,
understanding the challenges that children face as they learn to use our number system, and being aware of the key skills they need to develop in order to begin to calculate (rather than relying on counting strategies). Secondly, how to build a ‘mathematical culture’ whereby maths is viewed as a creative subject; where mistakes become a valuable part of the learning process; and where structures are in place to improve the quality of collaboration.

Then we look at how to structure sequences of deep, practical learning experiences that allow children to explore key number concepts in different ways and develop a ‘mastery’ understanding of mathematics. The common threads that run throughout the training days are the use of models and images, and being able to embed mathematical reasoning and problem-solving within daily lessons. Lots of ideas, questions and resources are shared (sourced from a range of places, including my own ) so teachers are able to apply what they have learned in their classrooms.

Training days can be adapted based on the requirements of the school. For example, schools may want a greater focus on one specific area of maths (e.g. the use of visual models), to be more age-group specific (e.g. for KS1) or to aim the session at a particular group of children (e.g. more able mathematicians). There are also plenty of opportunities for delegates to contribute, ask questions and try activities – and have an enjoyable day immersed in mathematics!

In-School Support
I also offer in-school support, working alongside school leaders, maths co-ordinators and teachers to develop the maths provision ‘on the ground’. Typically this may involve planning sequences of lessons to develop a mastery curriculum, developing ways to support a target group of children or providing a whole-school scrutiny of teaching and learning in maths. Support can be tailored upon request.

For more information, email My diary is close to being full for this academic year, so I have now started to take bookings for 2016-2017. This link gives more information about me personally.

For INSET training, pricing is £900 + travel and accommodation (where relevant). Costs can be significantly offset by inviting delegates from local schools or clustering with other schools.

In-School Support is £600 per day + travel and accommodation (where relevant), with discounted rates offered when five or more days of support are arranged.

For more information on pricing, including details about twilight training, drop me an email and I will be in touch.


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