I’m really looking forward to the 2015-2016 school year. I know from experience that plans change very quickly, and I’m sure that other ideas will develop too, but this blog outlines some of the ways in which I’m hoping to develop maths resources and ideas in the upcoming year.

Logic Squares
I’m really excited about the upcoming release of my first app, Logic Squares, aimed at UKS2 (also accessible for high attaining children from Y3+). It requires children to use their knowledge of calculation flexibly, manipulating numbers to solve each level. More details about the app itself will be revealed soon. I’m going to release a series of teaching videos that can be shown to the children, modelling strategies for solving the puzzles. This will help to make the key learning points from the app explicit to children and provide a scaffold where necessary.

Maths Apps
I’ve got designs drawn up for four further maths apps, one for KS2 and three for KS1. These apps either combine calculation fluency with strategic thinking, or calculation fluency with visual representations to help children to develop a conceptual understanding of number. Again, details to follow.

Conferences and training
I’m continuing to run conferences and INSET training around mastery in maths. The following conference dates have already been confirmed, with more to follow soon:

Friday 25th September, Mastery in KS2 Mathematics, Central London (Pimlico)

Friday 6th November, Mastery in EYFS/KS1 Mathematics, Central London (Pimlico)

Thursday 19th November, Challenging the Able Mathematician – a practical guide (UKS2 focus), Walsall

Bar cancellations I’m fully booked in 2015, but have availability for INSET training in the new year. If you want more information, contact me on gareth.metcalfe@hotmail.co.uk.

Follow-up to First Class Maths, LKS2
I’ve intended to write a maths resource for LKS2 for a couple of years – this year it’ll actually happen. It will be the follow-up to First Class Maths, a range of multi-strand high-interest maths challenges and logic puzzles for children in year 3/4. I’ve got a range of ideas that just need to be written up and road-tested in the classroom – the hardest and most enjoyable part!

Innovations at School
I have just finished two initiatives at school. Firstly, we’ve made our calculation policy into a series of 13 videos, outlining to staff, parents and children how we teach calculation and more the visual representations that are used at each stage. This will help parents to understand how maths is taught in school, will allow all staff to take a consistent approach to teaching calculation and can be used as a scaffold for children. We also launched a ‘Celebrating Maths’ initiative aimed at engaging parents in their children’s maths education, helping them to support their child at home. We’ll analyse the impact of both, make tweaks and hopefully share.

Sharing Flipped Learning Videos
I’m going to post some of my homework videos on my Facebook/Twitter feeds, editing them so they are appropriate for other school’s websites. This blog explains my experience with flipped learning so far.

Focus on Early Years
I’m going to spend time on maths ideas within continuous provision, both indoors and outdoors, looking to find and develop best practice. I’ve not got a specific plan for where this might lead, but am particularly looking forward to this one.

I would love to hear from anyone with ideas, points or questions (gareth.metcalfe@hotmail.co.uk). Have a great school year!


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