On Wednesday 24th June in Peterborough I’m running the next in a series of training events about mastery in mathematics. In this course I will explore ways in which we can provide a rich and challenging mathematics curriculum for our more able learners in KS2.






Firstly, I will look at a model for promoting positive attitudes towards learning in mathematics. This includes promoting all-important growth-mindset principles, and making explicit the generic qualities and habits that we wish to promote in our mathematicians. We will explore a range of questions that can be used to establish these principles, and see how the model can be used to promote meta-cognitive thinking.

Then, we will examine a range of practical strategies for enabling children to explore mathematical ideas in depth, helping them to use their knowledge of number flexibly and creatively. This includes considering how techniques such as the Singapore bar model, and other visual representations, can be used to deepen children’s understanding of mathematical processes. We will also look at how reasoning and problem-solving can be built into daily maths lessons.


Throughout the course, there will be a wide range of tried and tested tasks for you to use in the classroom. This includes looking at two of the most exciting new resources for high-achieving children from UKS2 – First Class Maths and The Mathematics Apprenticeship. I will share the work produced by the children in my class on these tasks, and look at how to provide high-quality feedback based on these activities.

Feedback from previous event:
‘Fantastic! Everything is highly relevant to high attaining groups and linked to the new curriculum. Lots of great resources, questions and problems to take away.’
‘As someone who is not confident in maths, I feel refreshed and excited to use these ideas in my classroom.’
‘A fantastic day – learnt lots and now buzzing with ideas to use in class’

Course details: 


For booking enquiries, email info@alanpeat.com. The course flyer can be found here: http://www.alanpeat.com/conferences/240615.pdf

This training event will be replicated in different locations around the country throughout the 2015-2016 school year. New dates and venues will be announced soon.


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