I hope that this blog will help you to know how to deliver the Maths Apprenticeship (TMA) tasks. First of all, there are two different USB sticks. The teachers’ USB, as shown in the picture below, gives information about how to run TMA, and has tips and hints for each task.

Teachers TMA

The children’s USB sticks are the actual resource, as pictured below. It is suggested that the children work in groups of 3, with one USB stick per group.

Tasks TMA

You will select a task for the children to complete. They will read the first few pages of each task, which explains what the children have to do. It will also give any information that the children will need to complete their work. For example, below is a picture of two pages from the Fruit Task: a letter from the stall holder and an order form from the supplier.

fruit prompts

I strongly recommend that the children print the information that they need for carrying out their calculations (in this case the Harrison’s order forms): this will mean that they can complete the workings for the tasks without being tied to the computer. Then there are pages on each task for the children to complete. For example, in the fruit task they will need to fill in the stallholder’s diary to tell him when to order fruit, and write him a letter. The image below shows two of the pages that the children complete:

fruit work

Once the children have finished the work for the task, it’s time for them to meet (and impress) the customer! For the fruit task, someone will play the role of the stallholder and the children will explain their proposal to him/her. Then finally, when the work is completed, the teacher will take each group’s USB sticks and mark their work using the teacher evaluation page, as shown below.

fruit evaluation

So the children work collaboratively on the tasks for an extended period of time, delegating the jobs between team members for each task. Then they pitch their work to the customer, and finally they receive feedback from the teacher.

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. So this is what it looks like in action:

TMA task

For more information and to order TMA, click on The Maths Apprenticeship.


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