The Mathematics Apprenticeship is a resource which has been made to challenge and inspire high attaining children in UKS2 (ages 9-11). It is comprised of 11 real-life, extended mathematical challenges: from designing a menu for a music festival stall, to analysing football data, to writing security codes for the MI5.

The application of mathematics is central to every task. However, to complete the tasks successfully children have to organise their time and ideas, write to customers and present ideas in an effective manner. The tasks were designed to be completed in teams, but could be carried out by an individual.

To deliver the tasks, the children read the prompt for each task, which will set the context and tell them what they need to do. The children will then need an extended period to plan, carry out calculations, draw diagrams, write letters and prepare to present their work – it usually takes a group of 3 children about 3 hours to complete the work. Then they will present their work to the ‘customer’: for example, in the garden task, they will explain their plans to Mr Marks, the owner of the garden. Finally, their work will be assessed and feedback given.

All the instructions for delivering ‘The Mathematics Apprenticeship’ can be found on the teachers’ USB stick, along with things to look out for in each task. The tasks are highly motivating and help to demonstrate to children the practical importance of mathematics in the modern world. I hope you find it useful!


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